Crazybird Seta E-Bike

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Seta City Ebike

Elevate Your Urban Adventure and Commute with Ease.Embrace the freedom to explore beyond the ordinary, as the Seta City eBike empowers you to navigate effortlessly through your urban landscape, leaving traffic and delays behind. Choose the Seta City eBike as your ultimate companion for city living and commuting, and unlock the excitement of electric biking on the streets you know and love. Elevate your rides to new heights of exploration and efficiency, where every city journey becomes a delightful and invigorating experience.

Portable Battery

Designed for convenience and practicality, this lightweight and compact battery is your perfect companion for those longer adventures.

Integrated Light

Illuminate your path with the Integrated Light for the Seta eBike, designed to enhance your riding experience day or night

Adaptive Cadence Sensor

It provides a seamless and natural riding experience, automatically adapting to your pedaling style, whether you prefer a steady pace or quick bursts of acceleration.

Fenders & Kickstand

Navigate rough terrains and any weather conditions with our pre-installed fenders and kickstand included in the package.

Reliable Hydraulic Disc Brakes

It provide reliable and consistent stopping power in any weather condition, ensuring a safe and smooth ride.

7-Speed Shimano Gearing

Experience seamless gear shifts and tackle different terrain with the versatile 7-speed Shimano gearing system.

Responsive Motor

The 250W intelligent motor delivers a quiet and smooth ride while also being energy-efficient, allowing riders to travel further.

Choose Your Style



25 MPH




48V 14Ah


500 W


26×2.5'' TIRES


Effortless, Exciting, and Efficient.

Your Urban Adventure and Commute Companion

Convenience and Efficiency

Urban Comfort Redefined

The Seta City eBike provides effortless and efficient transportation, allowing you to navigate through city traffic with ease. With multiple pedal-assist modes and a powerful motor, you can reach their destinations faster while minimizing the effort required.

Freedom and Exploration

Unleash the Commuter's Dream

You can explore beyond typical city routes and venture into off-road paths or scenic trails with the Seta City eBike's versatile design. It opens up new possibilities for exploration and adventure.

Seta City eBike

Empower Your Urban Journey

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

The Urban Explorer's Companion

Opting for the Seta City eBike promotes a sustainable lifestyle by reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a cleaner environment. You can actively participate in eco-friendly transportation, aligning their values with environmental preservation.

Health and Well-Being

Embrace Urban Freedom

Riding the Seta City eBike combines the joy of cycling with power assistance, allowing YOU to engage in physical activity that benefits your health and well-being. It encourages an active lifestyle without putting excessive strain on joints and muscles.

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