Refer A Friend

Give 6% , Get 6%

Join our referral program and get 6% every time someone buys through your link.

01: Create an account

It’s free and easy to join. Simply create an account here, and we'll provide you a link that you can start promoting with.


02: Share your link

Your affiliate link will be unique to you, so as long as someone purchases a crazybird bike via your link, we’ll both know, and it’ll register on the dashboard.

They get 6% off their purchase, and you’ll get 6% credited in the dashboard.-- all viewable in the dashboard.


03: Cash Out

As long as the people who purchased through your link does not return the product, you’ll be eligible to cash out the balance through the dashboard. Please note we will hold your commission for 45 days in case of refund happens.



Who qualifies for your program?

Is self-referral order allowed?

How soon can I get my commission?

Do you have minimum payout limit?

Referral Program Terms

Advocate: someone who shares a referral link encouraging people to purchase a crazybird bike.

Friend: an individual who receives a referral link from an Advocate.


All referrals must be given at time of purchase. Referrals cannot be applied retroactively.

In order to get commission, users must share the referral link to their friend for ordering, if referral link was not used, commission will not be counted.



For an Advocate to qualify, they must:

  • Create an account
  • Be in good standing with crazybird. This means that acts such as issuing a chargeback, being disrespectful, or any other behavior that would go against our Terms of Purchase will disqualify you.

Referral commissions are emailed to qualified Advocates shortly after the Friend's order has been fulfilled and the referral is verified as legitimate.

Advocates will receive one referral reward per qualifying order. Referral rewards are not awarded based on the total number of electric bikes in a single order. (Ex. if a Friend places one order containing two electric bikes, the Advocate will receive one referral reward).


For a Friend to qualify for a referral discount on their order, they must:

  • Be a new customer, existing customers do not qualify.
  • Purchase an electric bike should be online at using the Advocate's referral link.
  • Preferably not use any other active promotion, coupon code, or discount. Orders with combined discount applied may be rejected to referral commission.

crazybird encourages all of our ebike owners to share their experience with their friends, but in order to promote a healthy and positive community experience for all of our customers, we reserve the right to revoke the ability to participate in our Referral Program at any time. Abuse, misuse, or any other negative behavior we see will result in disqualification.